Handmade Leather Dog and Cat Collars

Large Collar

Large Collar
Handmade leather collar, custom made for your dog.

   Thanks for your interest in my collars! Collars are handmade to order. Browse my shop for collars I have made in the past, if you like a design but think it would look better in another color please ask! If you have other ideas, please ask.  My customers are always coming up with great ideas I would have never thought to try!

How to Measure    
    I will ask for your dog or cats neck measurement when your ready to order. This will help me make a more custom collar for your pet. With there neck measurement I can make sure the name and/or design is centered. The measurement you give will be the center hole for there collar, so you will have some wiggle room.

   Measure with a cloth tape were your pet wears his/her collar. My Angus wears his collar loose like a necklace, so I would measure his neck loosely.   Place the tape were you like them to wear the collar and the same tightness you like. I know some dogs are escape artists and need a snugger fit.


  Measure there current collar from buckle to current hole they are using.


  Having a hard time choosing a collar? Tell me a few things you like, maybe a picture or description of your dog. I will surprise you with a collar. Lot's of fun!

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